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YYJ Karma

The newest YoYoJam metal is here, and it is here in the form of the Karma!

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This is the second metal yo-yo by YoYoJam to have the concept of a heavy middle as opposed to heavy rim weight.

This yo-yo is insanely smooth and plays unresponsive out of the box sporting a C size bearing and YoYoJam's silicone stickers.

A full metal yo-yo with a metal weight ring; the concept has created a new genre in the look and feel of yo-yos. The Karma continues the trend set by the PHENOM with a metal body + metal weight ring.

Even with the same type of medal, the midship weight's specific gravity affects the way the yo-yo plays and feels, improving the spin greatly. With the super low edge, the Karma feels very well suited for complicated string tricks. Despite their similarities, it seems like the Karma and the PHENOM are best suited for different kinds of tricks. This new manufacturing process may not yet be standard, but if you're looking for the next standard in yo-yos, perhaps you've already found it.



    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Material: Aluminium.
    Gewicht: 65.50 gr.
    Durchmesser: 50.80 mm.
    Breite: 41.04 mm.
    Gap: 4.60 mm.
    Lager: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
    Gap Typ: Fixed.
    Responsesystem: YYJ Silicon Pad.


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