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The Icon is the second yo-yo from the new HSpin Core Series line. The Icon has an excellent design and is precisely manufactured in Switzerland but available at a bargain price.

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45,00 € inkl. MwSt.


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The most notable qualities of this model are its excellent design and an accurate weight distribution on the edges. The Icon is HSpin’s team member Stefan Benjamin’s signature yo-yo and plays very agile and fluid whilst making challenging tricks a breeze.

The Icon features a new Bead Blasted finish that offers a very soft feel and is perfect for grinds and has various laser engravings on each half. Just check how cool they look in the pictures.

To finish off this great performer it comes with a size or type D bearing (5x10x5 mm.) and the response is provided by HSpin thin silicone pads. In addition, each unit comes preassembled in a pair of socks!

    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Material: Aluminium.
    Gewicht: 65.20 gr.
    Durchmesser: 54.02 mm.
    Breite: 39.95 mm.
    Gap: 4.40 mm.
    Lager: Size D. 5x11x5 mm.
    Gap Typ: Fixed.
    Responsesystem: HSpin Thin Silicone Pads.


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