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Yomega Raider

Bearing system yoyos mean speed!

The Yomega Raider is the premier yo-yo in the advanced player's world. Among world, local and national Champions, the Raider is used for extreme play.


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The bearing system engineered to provide the ultimate in response and speed is reason enough for this piece of equipment to be among the top guns in any serious player's bag of tricks.


The Raider by Yomega is a ball-bearing transaxle plastic yoyo. It is constructed in the "Imperial" or standard design. The ball bearing transaxle gives this yo-yo incredible sleepers. It has a fixed gap width, so the performance of this yoyo is factory set. This yoyo has also become one of the top choices for looping tricks.


Recommended for intermediate and advanced level players.


    Shape: Imperial / Classic.
    Material: Plastik.
    Gewicht: 53.60 gr.
    Durchmesser: 58.49 mm.
    Breite: 35.04 mm.
    Gap: 3.15 mm.
    Lager: 4x8x3 mm.
    Gap Typ: Fixed.
    Responsesystem: Starburst.


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