La Tienda Del YoYo


This is a plastic yoyo that feels like a metal!

Designed for all styles and play levels.

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Plastic made yo-yo, with an excellent finish and very attractive colours.
The Die-Nasty has a design suitable for all the string tricks and game styles. The side caps will provide an adequate diameter and weight, adding stability and balance to your gameplay.

It uses the new YoYoFactory Center Trac bearing size C, wich helps you to keep the string centered and makes your spin time longer.

As response system it cames stock with medium CBC silicone pads, designed by YoYoFactory to give you the exact response you need.

    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Material: Plastik.
    Gewicht: 65.00 gr.
    Durchmesser: 55.78 mm.
    Breite: 40.58 mm.
    Gap: 3.75 mm.
    Lager: Size C. Center Trac Large.
    Gap Typ: Fixed.
    Responsesystem: Medium CBC Pads.


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