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3yo3 Cosmo

It is not every day you get to try something so arty as the Cosmo

The future is Clear!. This yo-yo is clear. “Glass Yo-Yo”

It is acrylic yo-yo.

Tossing the Cosmo in the bright sun of mid day, is a show and the way it catches light is absolutely amazing.

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3yo3 Cosmo

This yo-yo is clear. There are no other markings on the Cosmo, just the pure slickness and shine.
The polished acrylic shines and gleams like a freshly waxed luxury car.

3Yo3 knew what they were doing when they made the Cosmo.

The Cosmo is easy to hold and comfortable in your hand and has a great weight for the play.

The axle fits in the acrylic body, large bearing Size C  .250 x .500x .187 in, The response system is  Recessed Silicone.

On a Throw:

Smooth! The acrylic does something I didn't even think of, it shields your ears from the assailing bearing noise that almost all aluminum yo-yos amplify.

While you yo-yoing in public, the Cosmo cayches more eyes then any other yo-yo you have used. They watch, but pretend not to, and rarely come up and talk to you, and on the rare occurrence that they do come and approach you, they berate you with “Can you walk the dog?”. With the Cosmo, people who would normally lurk in the distance watching you instead came up, wanting to know more about this “Glass Yo-Yo”. Not once will be asked you to “Walk the Dog” because people immediately understand that this is a piece of art, and shared stores of contact balls and marbles.
This is not just a yo-yo, it is a piece of art!!



    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Material: Methacrylat.
    Gewicht: 66.00 gr.
    Durchmesser: 53,34 mm.
    Breite: 38.10 mm.
    Gap: 4.17 mm.
    Lager: Size C .250x .500x .187 in.
    Gap Typ: Fixed.
    Responsesystem: Recessed Silicone.


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