82 String. Glow Poly/Nylon. 10 pack. Visualizza ingrandito

82 String. Glow Poly/Nylon. 10 pack.

50% Polyester and 50% Nylon Glow in the Dark yo-yo strings. Very durable and soft.
Each pack contains 10 glow in the dark polyester/nylon strings.


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    82 String. Glow Poly/Nylon. 10 pack.

    #82 String presents their latest Glow in the dark yo-yo strings, only this time made from 50% Polyester and 50% Nylon. They have the same top quality as the popular Kevlar Strings only slightly softer.

    Initially these strings feel a bit tough, as typical of nylon fabric, but after a few throws you will quickly notice how quickly these strings feel smooth and soft and hold tension extremely well. The stiffness and thickness of the strings help to perform the hardest string tricks.

    These strings are recommended for any advanced player and are particularly suited to the 1A yo-yo play style.

    Available only in packs of 10 strings.

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