100 Yo-Yo String T6. 100% Polyester MIX COLOURS

A good yo-yo string is essential for getting the most out of playing.

- Pack of 100 yo-yo strings.

- Type 6.

- 100% Polyester.

- Mix Colours.

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    100 Yo-Yo string T6 100% Polyester MIX COLOURS.

    The 100% polyester Type 6 yo-yo strings are used by skilled players everywhere, and the reason is their exceptional performance.

    Type 6, refers to the number of strands which make up the string, in this case 6. The yo-yo strings are finished in a range of vibrant colours.

    Apart from the attractiveness and the comfort, once you start playing with these strings they will make your performance a lot easier and more fluid.

    Its effective performance is due to the consistency of the string and the durability as they are able to hold their string tension well. It is also these characteristics which make them perfect for all levels of play.

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