One Drop Citizen


The beast is born. 

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    One Drop Citizen

    In 2010 One Drop released their first Titanium Yo-Yo, the One Drop Sovereign. Five years later they have tackled this amazing metal and produced a Yo-Yo that we feel is their best work to date: The Citizen.

    A lot has changed in these 5 years. Yo-Yos tend to be bigger than they used to be and high walls have gone by the wayside. As an industry and as a community we have all figured out what shapes, weights and weight distributions work better. As a Yo-Yo manufacturer One Drop have improved their knowledge, skills and equipment an immense amount. All of these improvements played a role in the creation of the One Drop Citizen.

    Each One Drop Citizen was made with many hours of labor, love, and attention right here in-house in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Every single minute of machining was monitored, measured and scrutinized. Every half was hand polished. They have been checked, and re-checked. We could not have put more effort into assuring these were the most amazing Yo-Yos One Drop could possibly make. There are one hundred and seventeen numbered Citizens in this run (there will not be another run).

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    Materiale:Alloy: 6AI4V (Grade 5)
    Peso:64.50 grams
    Diametro:56.7 mm
    Larghezza:43.6 mm
    Gap:4.32 mm
    Cuscinetto:Size C stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    Tipo di Gap:Fisso.
    Sistema di Ritorno:19 mm Slim Flow Groove