YYF Stainless Steel Whistling

The YoYoFactory Steel whistling yo-yo is a modern performance metal yo-yo that whistles while spinning.


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    If you ask your grandpa to dig out one of his old yo-yos, there is a chance that he may pull out an old, beat up, tin yo-yo that has holes all over it.

    Upon throwing this yo-yo, you would notice something very different about this yo-yo: it whistles as it spins. To pay homage to one of the most unique yo-yos from back in the day, YoYoFactory is bringing to the table a modern performance Stainless Steel Whistling yo-yo.

    This full metal yo-yo whistles when you throw it! In order to make sure this yo-yo is taken seriously, the Tin Whistler comes fully equipped with interchangeable response systems (Starburst AND Pad response) and large and small bearing options included.


    Embossed YYF Factory logos on the caps make this yo-yo one of the most unique looking yo-yos we have ever released. Displayed in a nice present box.


    Profilo:Butterfly / Wing.
    Materiale:Stainless Steel.
    Peso:69.10 gr.
    Diametro:60.06 mm.
    Larghezza:39.20 mm.
    Gap:3.10 mm. / 3.90 mm.
    Cuscinetto:Size A / Size C.
    Tipo di Gap:Fixed.
    Sistema di Ritorno:Starburst / Silicone Pads Standard, 19 mm.

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