YoYoFactory Mighty Flea


YoYoFactory Mighty Flea is here, the smallest and coolest yo-yo ever. With its small size this yo-yo is very fun to play and will fit in any pocket!

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    YoYoFactory Mighty Flea

    The YoYoFactory Mighty Flea from is the worlds smallest performance yo-yo with a diameter of only 25.27 mm. (1 inch).

    With such a small size it can be difficult to manage hard yo-yo tricks but will definitely be a nice challenge. Landing on the string can also be challenging at times however after some practice it will make for many hours of fun.

    This yo-yo is NOT recommended for beginners as it will require a bind to return the yo-yo to your hand. But if you are thinking of buying a yo-yo that will offer new challenges, do not hesitate to pick up the Mighty Flea as you will see how much fun it is to play with a yo-yo the size of a coin.

    A small note from YoYoFactory about this brand new and very limited version of the Mighty Flea:

    NOTE: Due to the small size of the Mighty Flea, you will need custom yo-yo strings which are shorter and thinner than usual ones. The type 4 original YoYoFactory replacement strings for the Mighty Flea can be purchased here:

    5 Pack Mighty Flea Replacement String

    100 Pack Mighty Flea Replacement String

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    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Poids:49.60 gr.
    Diamètre:25.28 mm.
    Largeur:20.48 mm.
    Gap:2.73 mm.
    Roulement:Mini-Bearing, YYF Flea Size
    Type de Gap:Fixed.
    Système de Réponse:Flea Size K-Pads


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