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One Drop V4M Bearing Lubricant


One Drop introduces the V4M Bearing Lubricant.

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    One Drop V4M Bearing Lubricant

    The V4M is a synthetic based lubricant by One Drop and is specially formulated for Yo-Yo bearings.

    Application Instructions:

    1 .- Remove the bearing from the Yo-Yo.

    2 .- Remove the sides of the bearing, otherwise known as deshielding the bearing.

    3 .- Apply a single drop of V4M lubricant inside the bearing on the stainless steel balls inside and rotate the bearing.

    4 .- Attach the side shield back on the bearing.

    5 .- Place the bearing back in the Yo-Yo and you are ready to play.

    NOTE: All it takes is One Drop of the V4M Lubricant to keep your bearing lasting a long time and spinning quietly.

    Volume: 30 ml (1 oz.)

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