YoYoFactory BAC wood 2010


This is the YoYofactory yo-yo to commemorate the Bay Classic Area yo-yo championships 2010.

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    YoYoFactory BAC wood 2010

    This yo-yo was made to mark the BAC 2010.This is a wooden yo-yo with a fancy logo engraved on one half.

    It has classic imperial profile designed for the looping style of play. Also comes with a cool logo showing off the Bay Area Classic logo which was sponsored by YoYoFactory.

    This yo-yo has a fixed axle and no bearing and cannot be unscrewed. A great collector’s item if you like rare wooden yo-yos.

    Comes with a white 100% cotton yoyo string.

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    Profil:Classic / Imperial
    Poids:50.30 gr.
    Diamètre:57.44 mm.
    Largeur:31.42 mm.
    Gap:2.35 mm.
    Roulement:- - -
    Type de Gap:Fixe.
    Système de Réponse:- - -

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