Precision, great visuals, total smoothness ... and this is only part of the new and surprising yo-yo from ILoveYoYo, the Mary09.

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    ILYY Mary'09

    In order to become an ILoveYoYo yo-yo it must simply be the best of the best. And the Mary09 is no exception: superb performance, greater flexibility and an immediately undeniable experience. To sum it up: improved showmanship, both visually and technically, and a unique design with which to enjoy the yo-yo.

    The bearing is the KMK ILYY in metric measure 6 x 13 x 5 mm. Delivered in great working condition which results in phenomenal spin times.

    The response system is provided by the infamous red sILYYcone, exclusive to all ILYY yo-yos. This offers great response and the red hot sILYYcone lasts for a really long time.

    Another special feature of the new Mary09 is its stability. The revised design of the original profile, the excellent weight distribution, the KMK bearing and the response system offer great playability, efficiency and stability at high speeds.

    The enormous potential of this yoyo is reflected in its new and unique "Candodize" finish on anodized aluminum with a unique metallic shine.

    The amazing new capabilities of the Mary09 are reflected in the exterior design:

    - Diameter of 52.10 mm. 

    - Width of 38.40 mm.  

    - Very attractive bright red colour.

    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Matériel:Aluminium Candodize.
    Poids:69.00 gr.
    Diamètre:52.05 mm.
    Largeur:38.15 mm.
    Gap:4,20 mm.
    Roulement:KMK 6x13x5 mm.
    Type de Gap:Fixe.
    Système de Réponse:Red sILYYcone.

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