SPYY Speed Freak

SPYY introduce their latest creation, the Speedfreak. The profile was inspired by the Addiction, but has an all new shape with a very low walled gap. Available in a cool orange/red bicolour finish with awesome laser engravings.

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    During play the SPYY Speedfreak delivers all expectations with an exceptional speed and agility.

    The aesthetics of this new model are clearly evident and speak for themselves. At first glance the Speedfreak looks similar to the SPYY Addiction, but on closer inspection shows that it has an all new shape, with a sleeker and revised low walled gap.

    In terms of playability, the Speedfreak is right up there with the best. Due to the relatively lightweight it plays fast but stable and a dry size C bearing provides dead unresponsive play. The response is provided by CBC slim pads but easily accepts flowable silicone.

    The Speedfreak displays a striking new graphic laser engraved on both halves of the yo-yo which looks amazing and accentuates the sharp spikes which we have become accustomed to with so many SPYY models. To complete this stunning performer there is a cool orange/red bicolour bead blasted finish.

    Made in Canada.

    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    30.Poids:63.50 gr.
    40.Diamètre:53.90 mm.
    50.Largeur:41.50 mm.
    60.Gap:4.25 mm.
    70.Roulement:Size C. .250x .500x .187 in.
    80.Type de Gap:Fixe.
    90.Système de Réponse:CBC Slim Pads.

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