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    From Oxygene you can read:

    "At those times when I designed my first Oxy, I dreamt to send one to the World Yoyo Champion and to get back a letter of appreciation from him. I was unexperienced about contests: Internet wasn't so popular, and I figured out the World Champion had to be a successful mature man from Hawaii or Australia, while I was just an Italian boy.

    A few years later I was lucky enough to host World Champion Tomonari Black Ishiguro at my place and that dream came somehow true: I gave him the Oxy 3 n. 44 and the face he had while trying it was eloquent, he did really like it! Even if he was not from Australia or Hawaii, he wasn't older than me and didn't had to write a letter to let me know his impressions, I can tell I was satisfied!

    One year ago, Black wrote me an e-mail with specifications of a Yoyo he wanted: young kids had grown to the point of having a project together!
    Despite of our lack of time, we talked a lot about his Yoyo and we agreed some points. Probably he did not get exactly what he had dreamt, as, on my side, maybe I wouldn't have made that precise Yoyo without him, but I want to believe we inspired each other and got something artistic together.
    He had asked for a limited edition of polished black yoyos, honoring his name, to be called Obsidian, but accepted more colors on beadblasted halves, preferring gray and gold.

    In the meanwhile, I was feeling compelled to honor InMotion!, too, since they hadn't had a well deserved signature Yoyo, yet, and thus I wanted some pieces to be their show colors, which are red (Jan) and blue (Ivo).

    Then... you know I'm too good... I thought of other team members, too... and noticing how the mixed halves gave very nice matchings I wanted to hear their opinions and choices and to offer a signature color to each, all with volcano/stone related names.

    And here they are! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce


    Obsidian: polished black, inspired by Tomonari Black Ishiguro


    Tektite: beadblasted gray, Andrea Icedzed Franzoni signature color


    Cinnabar: beadblasted gray and red, Matt Gallacher signature color


    Lazulite: beadblasted gray and blue, G.Uzuner signature color


    Magma: beadblasted red, Jan Schmutz (InMotion) signature color


    Aquamarine: beadblasted blue, Ivo Studer (InMotion) signature color


    Pyrite: beadblasted gold, Lorenzo Sabatini signature color


    Tigerseye: beadblasted gold and gray, Carlo Alberto Menon signature color (didn't I deserve one as well? Eheh)


    We all like them. Do you?"


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