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YoYoFactory Bearing Removal Tool | Buy here

YoYoFactory Bearing Removal Tool


YoYoFactory presents the ultimate tool to remove the bearing of your Yo-Yo. Now you can easily remove the bearing without damaging it at all. This tool only works with Size C Yo-Yo bearings.

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    YoYoFactory Bearing Removal Tool

    The incredible performance of aluminum Yo-Yos are because the adjustment of its components is perfect, there is little looseness between the parts, and these details make the Yo-Yo work perfectly and not get any strange vibration during play.

    The fact that Yo-Yo parts fit together so precisely means it can sometimes be difficult to remove the bearing of the YoYo, so you should have the necessary tools on hand to avoid damaging it and leave it inoperable.
    YoYoFactory offers you this tool to easily remove your Yo-Yo Bearing. You only have to insert the tube into the bearing and remove it pulling it out. That easy!

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