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  • One Drop Mantis
    One Drop Mantis

    Dear enthusiast, you should know that the One Drop Mantis will go on...

    60,60 €
  • CLYW Blizzard
    CLYW Blizzard

    Dear customer, unfortunately we have not yet received the new CLYW...

    141,00 €
  • CLYW Manatee
    CLYW Manatee

    At last! The signature of Riccardo Fraolini is ready to start spinning....

    77,00 €
  • MonkeyfingeR KOKOnutz
  • MonkeyBARs

    Did you think you could not flare up your KOKOnutz to your liking? You...

    6,90 €
Double Straight

Double Staright or DS bearings are owned by Yoyorecreation. Apparently they’re bearings with a concave profile, but they’re formed by four straight faces at different angles. Bearings used by high-level professional players to get more performance with their Yo-Yo.

Double Straight 

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