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  • MonkeyFingeR Ape Grape
    MonkeyFingeR Ape Grape

    Besides Yo-Yo… What other hobbies do you have? Because I’ve finished...

    33,00 €
  • YoYoRecreation Draupnir
    YoYoRecreation Draupnir

    Perfection with bi-metal design.

    216,00 €
  • MonkeyFingeR BUFF
    MonkeyFingeR BUFF

    This product is only available for those who love their collection of...

    4,60 €
  • One Drop Marquis
    One Drop Marquis

    I look like a little boy with a treat in his hand every time I hear talk...

    48,00 €
  • CLYW Yeti 2.0
    CLYW Yeti 2.0

    The forecasts have been fulfilled. CLYW has delivered the goods. The...

    28,00 €
50% Kevlar / 50% Polyester

This type of Yo-Yo String is manufactured exclusively for players with an innovative soul. Kevlar strings have a feel that you will not feel with any other material.

50% Kevlar / 50% Polyester 

  • 7,90 €

    Super tough Kevlar Yo-Yo Strings! The toughest strings ever, now available in two cool colourways!  Each pack contains 10 Kevlar yo-yo strings.  

    7,90 €
  • 7,90 €

    Glow in the dark Kevlar Yo-Yo Strings! The toughest strings ever, now glow in the dark!Each pack contains 10 glow in the dark Kevlar strings.

    7,90 €
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