CLYW Chief

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    CLYW Chief

    The CLYW Chief is widely regarded as the model that kicked off CLYW's rise to the top of the competition return top game, and set the standard for many of their models to follow.

    This wide bodied return top is a competitor's dream; fast and stable and amazing for 1A and 5A! The first return top ever to feature a double-rim design, the CLYW Chief has a truly unique feel and is an absolute trick-killer on stage or in practice.

    The Chief is one of the best-selling CLYW models of all time...get yours and find out why!

    Please NOTE - The CLYW Chief uses a Center Trac X Bearing with a total of ten balls.

    It comes semi-responsive out of the box, but will break in with play.
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    Shape:Butterfly / Wing
    Gewicht:66.0 grams
    Durchmesser:56.52 mm
    Breite:44.47 mm
    Gap:4.22 mm
    Lager:10-Ball Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
    Gap Typ:Fixed
    Responsesystem:CLYW Snow Tires

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