YoYoJam Destiny


Takeshi’s new signature series Yo-Yo is the first official counterweight Yo-Yo to be produced by YoYoJam.

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    YoYoJam Destiny

    Counterweight (5A) World Champion Takeshi Matsuura is one of the most talented players ever to meet the stage. With two counterweight world champion titles to his name already, YoYoJam knew it was time to design him something to take things to the next level. We introduce the YoYoJam Destiny

    Takeshi’s new signature series Yo-Yo is the first official counterweight Yo-Yo to be produced by YoYoJam. Manufactured under a license agreement with Duncan, the Destiny truly is something players everywhere will be excited to throw. Two huge precision cut aircraft aluminum rings focus weight on the inner body of the Yo-Yo to create an incredibly stabile yet agile Yo-Yo specifically for the fast play of Takeshi. The plastic body against the metal just makes this Yo-Yo stand out and look amazing in person. Whether you are just starting counterweight or already professional this Yo-Yo is ready to help you learn 5A fast!

    Even more exciting the Destiny also features a custom counterweight designed by Takeshi himself! The ‘dice’ actually features a bearing inside through which the string is threaded to reduce string tension issues during play. Players will find this to be an incredible improvement and innovation in 5A play!

    Takeshi Matsuura has already used his new signature throw in competition to win the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest. As his new weapon of choice for the World Yo-Yo Contest another world title is his Destiny.
    Made in the USA.

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    Shape:Butterfly / Wing.
    Material:Plastic and aluminium.
    Gewicht:62.40 gr.
    Durchmesser:53.07 mm.
    Breite:41.43 mm.
    Gap:2.91 mm. / 4.29 mm.
    Lager:Size C. .250x .500x .187 in.
    Gap Typ:Fixed.
    Responsesystem:YoYoJam Silicone Pads.

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