Kitty String-10 Counts. NORMAL.

Kitty String 10 counts NORMAL
PACK with 10 yoyo strings of the brand Kitty String, Type NORMAL.

100% polyester.

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    Kitty String-10 Counts. NORMAL.

    Kitty String is a homemade yoyo string.

    This string is made by 100% polyester thread and gets smoothness on your finger while playing a yoyo.

    Recommended for all styles and levels of play.

     Tips in using Kitty String:

    "There is no finger loop on the end. Please measure to cut your Kitty String to your own measurement and make a finger whole by yourself"

    "Stretch your Kitty String before using it. That reduces the elasticity and twist while playing"

    Type: Normal.

    Material: Polyester

    Length: 110 - 115 cm.

    Made in Philippines

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