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    Surely it is more than just a name, it has a much deeper meaning. Falcon comes from the Latin word falco; a term used to describe the bird of prey. Amazingly hawks and peregrine falcons are the fastest creatures on earth. Falcon is also the name of the famous jet fighter, the F-16; formally known as the Fighting Falcon.

    High Performance Yo-Yo

    With a design that accentuates the incredible dynamics plus a unique Candodize finish that captures the essence and functionality of this yo-yo, this masterpiece is the new ILYY Falcon. All the ILoveYoYo yo-yos are noted for their ease and smooth playability and the Falcon is no exception. In this case the perfectly proportioned design with a wider body has a final weight of only 66.70 grams. The weight of this yo-yo is concentrated on the outer rims as the wider body has a solid feel to allow for smooth and uncompromising play.

    The Falcon is very fast, agile and stable on the string. The spikes are small but very pronounced, yet another detail to display the perfect machining, which altogether provide for a vibration free throwing experience.

    It is machined using the highest quality aluminum (AIMgSi1 Aluminum 6082) and is quite light due to the high magnesium content. With a very special anodization called Candodize, which offers great game play, stunning looks and long grinds due to the very tough glossy finish. This sense of splendor is enhanced by the great contrasting colours, either a Red & Titanium finish or the special edition Blue & Titanium finish only available here at LTYY.

    Add the great playing ILYY KMK stainless steel bearing which measures 6x13x5 mm. with the very durable and fantastic red sILYYcone response and uncompromising game play is guaranteed. Do not miss your chance to own one of these beastly playing Falcons!

    Watch this nice video from Seb showing off the wonders of the ILYY Falcon.


    Shape:Butterfly / Wing.
    Material:6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum Candodize.
    Gewicht:66.70 gr.
    Durchmesser:53.92 mm.
    Breite:44.15 mm.
    Gap:4.23 mm.
    Lager:KMK 6x13x5 mm.
    Gap Typ:Fixed.
    Responsesystem:Red sILYYcone.

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