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  • 84,00 €

    SPYY is very proud to officially announce that Ed Haponik has joined their team! This is a very Limited Edition run.

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  • 11,20 € 13,18 € -15%

    YoYoFactory presents the F.A.S.T. 201. The first yo-yo in their line to feature their unique "Fully Active Starburst Technology".

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  • 79,99 €

    SPYY is very proud to officially announce that Ed Haponik has joined their team! Ed has continually demonstrated sincere commitment and dedication to the sport of Yo-Yoing and we’re...

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  • 21,25 €

    The YoYoJam Fiesta is back and returns as the new re-designed and evolved Fiesta XX Signature series of four-time Offstring US National Champion Bryan Figueroa.

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  • 88,00 €

    The new One Drop MarkMont Classic is a true masterpiece in Yo-Yo design.

    88,00 €
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  • 47,00 €

    One of the most popular Yo-Yos is now released with an improved version, incorporating the new Solid Spin axle system, which guarantees maximum balance and stability. Recommended for all...

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  • 38,00 €

    Ready to bring it to the next level! YoYoJam Hitman Pro is built for the new level of Yo-Yo professional today!

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  • 24,00 €

    The YoYoJam Legacy. The Gateway Yo-Yo to unresponsive play returns.

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  • 113,00 €

    An amazing Yo-Yo collaboration and story.

    113,00 €
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  • 11,90 €

    YoYoFactory presents the WhiP.A cool plastic yo-yo suitable for the most advanced 1A tricks.NOTE: This yo-yo requires a bind to return to the hand.

    11,90 €
  • 34,99 €

    The YoYoFactory ProtoStar is a plastic yo-yo that plays like an aluminum yo-yo.Not for beginners, and requires a bind to return the yo-yo back to your hand.

    34,99 €
  • 59,00 €

    YoYoFactory Mighty Flea is here, the smallest and coolest yo-yo ever. With its small size this yo-yo is very fun to play and will fit in any pocket!

    59,00 €
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  • 19,00 €

    The YoYoFactory Velocity, one of the best yo-yos for beginners, in fact for any player. It has adjustable response system, which can be adapted to any level of play!

    19,00 €
  • 16,00 €

    Bearing system yoyos mean speed! The Yomega Raider is the premier yo-yo in the advanced player's world. Among world, local and national Champions, the Raider is used for extreme play.  

    16,00 €
  • 11,00 €

    Stell dir vor: ein Yo-Yo, das automatisch zurückkommt! Yomega Classic Brain ist so intelligent, dass es nach einem Sleeper von selbst wieder zurückkommt.  

    11,00 €
  • 25,00 €

    Tom Kuhn creates the classic Imperial yo-yo but made from wood. This very elegant and vintage design makes this yo-yo very fun and easy to play. You can also inverse the halves which make...

    25,00 €
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  • 29,40 € 42,00 € -30%

    Rei Iwakura’s new ReXtreme is a true game changer for the offstring style!

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  • 88,00 €

    The most popular yo-yo, the 888 is back!  Only this time new and improved!   Not for beginners, and requires a bind to return the yo-yo back to your hand.

    88,00 €
  • 16,30 €

    Save Deth presents the Volume II.Paul Han, Markmont., Jensen Kimmitt, Justing Weber, Joey Fleshman, Jon Rob and more...

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  • 16,00 €

    Throw Monkey ist ein Yo-Yo mit Kugellager, welches sowohl für String Tricks als auch für CounterWeight Tricks designed wurde. Throw Monkey von Duncan ist das ultimative Yo-Yo für...

    16,00 €
  • 22,00 €

    HOT SHOT zeigt den großen Fortschritt der Yomega Yo-Yos. Alle Tests vor der Produktion sind glatt verlaufen.  Ein weites Profil, ein tolles Edestahl-Kugellager und - ja, das ist...

    22,00 €
  • 29,00 €

    The Tom Kuhn RD1 is one of the most advanced and best-made wooden yo-yos available.It is a ball bearing yo-yo with a butterfly shape and is made from laminated wood.

    29,00 €
  • 33,00 €

    Aluminium-Yo-Yo.  Dieses hochwertige Yo-Yo, ganz aus Aluminium, ist in großartigen blasted Farben erhältlich.  

    33,00 €
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