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  • 42,00 €

    It is not every day you get to try something so arty as the Cosmo The future is Clear!. This yo-yo is clear. “Glass Yo-Yo” It is acrylic yo-yo. Tossing the Cosmo in the bright sun of...

    42,00 €
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  • 69,00 €

    Suitable for faster effortless stringplay. It was again feedback from players worldwide collected over two years that lead to this yo-yo.

    69,00 €
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  • 41,00 €

    With a new profile comes the 3yo3 Acryllion made from Acrylic. Fully transparent. Stainless steel bearing, Type C. Flowable silicone response system.

    41,00 €
  • 51,00 €

    It is difficult to imagine a more appropriate name for a yo-yo inspired by the YoYoFactory 888 with many features geared towards competitive play:Awesome playability.Same size...

    51,00 €
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  • 64,00 €

    The new DV888 from YoYoFactory with now even more resilience. This limited edition DV888 has a very special anodization which is as smooth as silk but at the same time being very...

    64,00 €
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  • 5,90 €

    Jetzt neu: ProFly von Duncan in Butterfly-Shape! ProFly hat eine austauschbare, fixierte Achse aus Holz und kann sehr leicht auseinander geschraubt werden, um ärgerliche Knoten los zu...

    5,90 €
  • 39,00 €

    Die neueste Version des Duncan FreeHand ist Metal Zero, ein Metall-Yo-Yo mit Highspeed-Kugellager für extra-lange Spins.

    39,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    The Duncan yo-yo for beginners in 4A(offstring) style. Besides the butterfly profile and ball bearing axle, it is big in size because of the over-molded rubber rims.

    17,00 €
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