ONEDROP MarkMont Next

One Drop present their latest creation:

The Limited Edition MarkMont Next.


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    The new One Drop MarkMont Next stays true to the original character design prescribed by the demands of the exceptionally innovative player Mark Montgomery.

    Here is how One Drop describe the process of designing this masterpiece:

    "The design imperative was to make the yo-yo that Mark wants. It has the same basic profile as the original with some small but important tweaks. The first difference is that it is made on a lathe whereas the original was made on a mill - the benefit here is improved concentricity. We added a little thickness in the middle so we could put in a Flow Groove response system (the original had pad response). We also added some rim weight to increase the spin time and stability. You'll notice the hub/cup area looks a lot different including a new axle nut that has a unique look not seen before. The finish is soda blasted and nickel plated.”

    With a cool finish and the outstanding One Drop 10ball bearing, great looks and quality performance are inevitable. The Markmont Next defines modern yo-yo craftsmanship.


    Shape:Butterfly / Wing.
    30.Gewicht:67.00 gr.
    40.Durchmesser:50.04 mm.
    50.Breite:40.20 mm.
    60.Gap:4.40 mm.
    70.Lager:Size C .250x .500x .187 in. (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    80.Gap Typ:Fixed.
    90.Responsesystem:Flow Groove by One Drop.

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