Crucial Tres Leches

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    The Tres Leches is a masterpiece designed and manufactured by Paul Yath. The Delrin which is a hard plastic from which this yo-yo is manufactured, combined with an H-profile provide maximum playability, making it highly desirable and fun to play.

    The H-profile provides great stability, with the oversized rims, slimmer profile and full-size. These features allow for a significant reduction of weight, whilst ensuring very long spin times, stability and overall enjoyment.

    Delrin is a high quality plastic with a density similar to aluminum, and with appropriate physical properties for precision manufacturing such as its weight and resistance.

    This yo-yo comes with a size C bearing and silicone stickers offer the response. All in all the Tres Leches is a very unique Delrin yo-yo which plays superb.

    Shape:H - Shape.
    30.Gewicht:65.70 gr.
    40.Durchmesser:56.54 mm.
    50.Breite:41.22 mm.
    60.Gap:5.08 mm.
    70.Lager:Size C .250x .500x .187 in.
    80.Gap Typ:Fixed.
    90.Responsesystem:Silicone stickers.

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