Yomega Gamma Brain Wing

ALL NEW - The Gamma Brain Wing is the best beginner yo-yo to advance your skills with, on the market today. 

Meet the Brain's newest evolution: The Yomega Gamma Brain Wing!!!

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    The Yomega yo-yo has come a long way since the late 90's. 


    This yo-yo now is an on/off automatic-return yo-yo meaning you can tell the yo-yo you want the clutch to engage for auto-returns or you can tell the yo-yo to keep spinning until it dies!



    With the patented triple transaxle technology, the Gamma Brain allows players auto-returns in one mode with the option to "smart-switch" to more advanced ball bearing speeds and tricks. Wing shaped.

    The Gamma Brain comes with the YomegaMania DVD, extra string and a trick book.

    Note: All body colors are clear, colors represent clutch color options.




    (Warning: Not for children under 3 years old, contains small parts) Ages 8 & up. 

    Shape:Butterfly / Wing.
    30.Weight:64.60 gr.
    40.Diameter:58.81 mm.
    50.Width:38.03 mm.
    60.Gap:2.95 mm.
    70.Bearing:4x7x15 mm
    80.Gap Type:Fixed.
    90.System Response:Auto return / Starburst.

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