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YYF Big Deal

YoYoFactory has done it again!

The world's smallest performance yo-yo the Mighty Flea, is now available as a Hubstack version known as the Big Deal.

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Creating a tiny yo-yo with Hubstacks is an incredible challenge but YoYoFactory has made the impossible possible. Playing a yo-yo not much bigger than a 1 euro coin is a very fun and challenging experience.


During play the presence of Hubstacks help stabilize the yo-yo which results in an incredible spin time as you can see in the video below.


Do not underestimate this mini yo-yo as it really is a Big Deal! Getting used to the small size can be tricky at first but after a while it will lead to a very fun and rewarding playing experience. The very small size and the presence of Hubstacks is what make this yo-yo so unique. Do remember that this yo-yo is NOT recommended for beginners as it will require a bind to return the yo-yo to your hand.


NOTE: Due to the small size of this yo-yo, you will need custom strings which are shorter and thinner than usual ones. The type 4 original YYF replacement strings for the Mighty Flea (or Big Deal) can be purchased here: 

5 Pack Mighty Flea Replacement String

100 Pack Mighty Flea Replacement String



    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Weight: 45.90 gr.
    Diameter: 25.28 mm.
    Width: 20.48 mm.
    Gap: 2.73 mm.
    Bearing: Mini-Bearing, YYF Flea Size
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: Flea Size K-Pads.


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