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The BUDDHA KING 2, the YoYoFactory's yo-yo with more titles under its string.


The Yo-Yo with the longest sleep time!!

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The re-styling of the Buddha King makes from it a whole new yo-yo, with an enhanced design to distribute the weight in the rims and increase the spinning time. This is the way to get the longest sleeper.
Made in anodized aluminium, with a minimalistic finish and hubstacks in each side of the yo-yo, increasing the angular momemtum and therefore the angular aceleration, which gets translated in a perfect ecuation. The amazing mass and inertia, the smoothness of the stainless steel ball bearing, the imperial shape and the massive rim weight gives this yo-yo a very unique playing feel and extreme spin times.


The SUPERLITE version comes with aerodynamic clear lens covers on each side.





  A T T E N T I O N !!     - OPTIONS -  


CHOOSE Weight and Size Bearing

LITE Large Bearing - 70 gr. -      RED body / RED rings         

LITE Small Bearing - 70 gr.     BLACK body / RED rings   

SUPER LITE Large Bearing - 77 gr. BLACK body / SILVER rings   

SUPER LITE Small Bearing - 77 gr. -     RED body / SILVER rings   

    Shape: H.
    Material: Aluminium.
    Weight: (A)69.90-(C)70.81 gr. / (A)75.86-(C)76.85 gr.
    Diameter: 55.18 mm.
    Width: 33.93 mm. / 34.39 mm.
    Gap: 4.14 mm. / 4.70 mm.
    Bearing: Size A. / Size C.
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: YYF Silicone Pads .445/.555


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