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New, Fun, Smooth playing.

2 Colours to choose from:

  • SKYY CHASER Bearing Size "C" Orange

  • SKYY CHASER Bearing Size "D" Gold



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This yo-yo joins the ranks of the small diameter or "undersized" (less than 50 mm) yo-yo’s. SPYY proudly presents the successor to the Spyder. 

With a much improved final finish and a dynamic design with an incredible rim weight you will be able to enjoy playing this beast to the fullest.


R e a l   m u s c l e

With a profile which is simple in design yet very well executed it has everything to please even the most skeptical, a true powerhouse.

The current techniques allow you to "squeeze" designs to the unthinkable limits: shorter axis, smaller spikes and edges with a thickness that distributes weight more towards the rim. With an optimum ratio of the diameter to the overall width, the result is a perfect weight distribution.

This is how this muscle manages to stay fast and balanced.




"The best yo-yo still has to be proven"

This creation by SPYY has 2 versions of this yo-yo with a different color scheme and different technical features:

  • "C" Orange.
    • A dry bearing Size C (Large Size), .250 x.500 x.187 in.
    • Silicone O-stickers as response but readily accepts "flowable" silicone as well.
    • The Gap of this version is 4.00 mm.

  • "D" Gold.
    • Stainless steel Size D bearing (Small Size), lightly lubed.
    • Pad response with one Dif Pad and "Vapor Pad"..
    • The Gap of this version is 3.80 mm.


The 70's ARE BACK!

Con With the bold laser engravings of the mythical phoenix, on each side, it truly has a great style. The laser engravings look like a replica of the artwork found on the hood of the Pontiac Trans Am Firebird, a classic 70’s

A soft and shiny anodized finish covers the entire surface of the yo-yo, adding protection and durability to the aluminum.

The exquisite details and precise laser engravings also add to the flawless finish.



    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Material: Aluminium.
    Weight: 65.00 gr.
    Diameter: 49.50 mm.
    Width: 39.50 / 39.40 mm.
    Gap: 4.00 / 3.80 mm.
    Bearing: Size C / Size D.
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: Silicone Stickers.


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